"Shaile shaile na maanikyam mautikam na gaje gaje Saadhawona hi sarvatra chandanam na vane vane"



Imperial Infra Developers (Hyderabad)

Imperial Infra Developers Company has been started on 2015 on the name of Oasis Green Project in Hyderabad, India. The Project was into construction in 50000 Sq.ft widths. A Block 20 flats,& B Block 40 flats. The Project was completed on 2017 and the value was 12crs.

Mr.VallabhaneniLeelaji Babu & Mr.G.S.Sai Ram are the promoters of the company.

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Imperial Builders & Developers (Hyderabad)

Imperial Builders & Developers company has been started in the name of Shree Harika Towers Project Hyderabad,India.The Project was into construction with 1,00,000Sq.ft. With A-Block 40 flats & B- Block 40 Flats.The Project value was 30Crs.

Mr.VallabhaneniLeelaji Babu & Mrs.M.Padmaja are the promoters of the company

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Sunrise Projects (Visakhapatnam)

Sai Vanam is a completely developed real-estate venture, owned and developed by Sunrise Projects at Visakhapatnam with two phases in 2015. Located in proximity to NAD Kotha Road and Vizag Airport, this real-estate venture is very close to Kothavalasa Regional Railway Station. Sai Vanam is another jewel in the crown of Sunrise Projects....Sunrise Project Company is in to wood Layout business in Visakhapatnam with two projects; Those are sunrise beach resorts and Saivanam. Sunrise beach resorts is in 8 acres layout and Saivanam is into 18acres layout at bogapuram,Near santhapet Arku Road Visakhapatnam. The Company is planning to start phase II of Sunrise beach resorts as earliest as possible.

Mr. Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu is the managing partner.

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Imperial Constructions (Hyderabad)

Imperial Constructions company business has been started in the year of 2010 and endup on 2012 with 40000 Sq.ft.

Mr. Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu & Mrs.M.Padmaja are the promoters of the company.

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Universal Cash Crops India Pvt ltd (Visakhapatnam)

The Company has launched its 100 acres prestigious Chandan Valley Project at Vakapalle Village, Devarapalli Mandal, Visakhapatnam in 2014, surrounded by beautiful hill views & greenery.Chandan Valley Project aims to bring happiness and prosperity to all. Located in the pristine surrounding of the Eastern Ghats, the Chandan Valley presents a stunning visual treat for everyone.

Mr. Vallabhaneni Leelaji Babu is the Managing Director and the other partners are Mr.G.Manoj Kumar, Mr.G.Ramana Garu.

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