"Shaile shaile na maanikyam mautikam na gaje gaje Saadhawona hi sarvatra chandanam na vane vane"

Nandanvanam @ Chandan Valley, Kondaparva

Nandanvanam @ Chandan Valley, Kondaparva

"Universal Agro Projects” has launched a venture called Chandan Valley at Kondaparva with Agarwood and sandalwood farmsteads which yields more in the market “Chandan Valley". Undertakes the plantation projects with rigorous Bio-Fertilization (Organic Methods) that offers high percentage of returns in the national and global market, as well as their benefits to the environment.The Project is of 8 Acres with DTCP approved and rera Certified layout."Universal Agro Projects” is planning for the cultivation of "Barhee" verity Dates Plam and Agarwood plantation in Nandanvanam @ Chandan Valley.

We have undertake cultivation of each of the plantations at our projects using the organic methods of farming, which offers a high-yield in commercial values, in the national and global markets. Behind each of our plantation projects, there were consultations, and thorough guidance from agricultural scientists, and agro-professionals.

We are active not only in the sapling and cultivation of Agarwood and Date Palm Tree plantations but also ensure that the other natural compost enhancements are in use for the healthy growth of the trees, across our projects. At every stage of the plantation, our experienced team of horticultural sciences, biomass, infrastructure, and real estate, ensures to complete the committed amenities to the customer.

Date Palm Trees

Date palm trees are grown for its fruit and are the oldest cultivated tree fruits. The fruits known as dates are sweet and highly nutritious fruits. The major producers of date palm trees are countries in the Middle East and other countries in Africa while Iran is the largest exporter. Date palm trees are cultivated in dry arid zones having irrigation facilities. Date farming can have a successful cultivation in regions that have prolonged hot dry summer, moderate winter climatic conditions with no rain during the fruit ripening period. Date trees grow about 65 to 70 feet (20 to 21 m) in height. The trunk is cylindrical and columnar growing straight with the same girth to the top. The fruits are one to four centimetres long with 2.5 cm diameter, oblong in shape. The fruits are one-seeded and are fleshy. The trees are well adapted to desert environmental conditions. They can survive extreme temperatures and water scarcity. Application of fertilizers, pruning, and fruit thinning will yield quality fruits which will have great market value. Now a day, many people are showing interest in Date palm cultivation in India.

   Date Palm Tree Structures.

• Scientific/ Botanical name of Date Palm is known as Phoenix Dactylifera.

• Barhee Date (tissue culture plants) saplings plants, company is importing from    Israel for better yielding.

• Date Palm starts yielding from 3rd year onwards and the tree yields about 15 to    20 bunches of dates per tree and each bunch can weigh between 10 to 15 kg.

• Date Palm Trees are getting cultivated from past 10yrs onwards in India.

• Date Palm Trees are getting cultivated from past 7yrs onwards in Andhra   Pradesh.

• Date Palm Trees are more than 3,000 varieties that grow around the   world.Those varieties have been developed for thousands of years.

• Date varieties that have desirable characteristics have been propagated over   centuries. There are many types of Dates Orchards established in Tamil Nadu,   Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

• Some of the most loved date varieties and in market demand are Ajwa,    Medjool, Barhee , Kimia, Sagai, Deglet Noor , Halawi , Zahdi ,and Khastawi Dates.

Barhee Dates: Also known as “Barhi” dates is a high yield variety. The tree has a large trunk and the tree is of medium height. The fruit stalks are long, wide and heavy. The date fruit is light amber to brown in color and cylindrical in shape. Ripe fruits are soft with thick flesh and rich flavor.

   Date Palm Tree Property Management

• Date Palm Trees starts yielding from 3rd year onwards till 70 years.

• Date Palm Trees has a lots of demand in world vide.

• Every Year maximum of 200 million tonnes are imported from Gulf Countries    to india.

• Company will take the complete maintenance of Date palm trees till 10 years.

• Our company takes the complete responsibility of cultivation, curing and    processing of the whole project (Property Management) for 10 years.

• The income from the harvested Barhee Date fruits yielding will be shared in a    proportion of 50: 50 between the company and the customer.

• During harvesting period, a Barhee Date Plants tree could produce around 300   to 500kgs per tree.

• As per market strategies, Investors can avail Profit from 3rd Year Onwards till 70 Years, without selling the plot.

   Date Palm Trees Benefits

• Very Nutritious Dates have an excellent nutrition profile.

• High in Fiber. & Protein Levels.

• Reduce High Obesity.

• High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants.Promote Brain Health.

• Promote Natural Labor.

• Excellent Natural Sweetener.

• Other Potential Health Benefits.

• Aging skin.

• Infertility Problems.

• Swelling (inflammation) and sores inside the mouth (oral mucositis).

• Breathing problems.

• Coughs.

   Date Palm Trees Yielding Procedures

• Approx. Yielding of 100 kgs in 3rd Year

• Approx. Yielding of 200 kgs in 4th Year

• Approx. Yielding of 300 kgs in 5th Year

   Key Features

• The customers of the Nandanavanamare eligible to becom members of Athidivanam (Oud Resorts) for life time. The members has to purchase two plot atleast to avail the benefits.

What does ‘Universal Agro Projects ’ do?

Chandan Valley’s promoters’ company ‘Universal Agro Projects ’ has undertaken the cultivation of Agarwood and Date Palm Plants Plantations free of cost, so as to bring fortune to its customers with a good high yield income. The company bears all the costs till these plantations reach to harvesting stage. Once the yield starts from these plantations, the yield income is shared on 50%: 50% basis between the management and the customer. The yield on Agarwood plantation starts from 9th year onwards in respect of Date Palm Tree plantation, the yield starts from 3rd year onwards.

Project Layout Map