"Shaile shaile na maanikyam mautikam na gaje gaje Saadhawona hi sarvatra chandanam na vane vane"


Are you an NRI? Are you interested in or planning to invest in properties in India?

Chandan Valley is promoted by the Universal Group of Companies, with its corporate office situated at Vijayawada, registered office in Hyderabad and a branch office at Visakhapatnam. We are acknowledged as one of the top-notch property developers, and have a created a life of opulence over the past seven years, has launched a plantation-based agricultural project, which is fast developing as a renowned and trusted real-estate project. We do immaculate plotting and reliability is our benchmark. Accomplish your dreams into a reality with our premium Open Plot layouts, and we would be glad to provide solutions to all your queries and or concerns for prospective investing in Chandan Valley ventures.

Welcome to an exclusive information kiosk for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) initiated by Chandan Valley! You would find a presentation for NRIs on investment opportunities, special schemes, taxation, and other pertinent news.

We invite you to be a proud owner in our ventures or any one of the projects and be a part of our growing Chandan Valley family, promoted by the Universal Group of Companies. Chandan Valley is a first of its kind, eco-friendly residential plotting scheme which offers plots with an option to either use for a residential or horticultural purpose. Either way, your investment will reap rich rewards!

Chandan Valley, of the Universal Group of Companies, is pioneers in creating eco-friendly bio-diverse, natural living spaces, with a breath-taking view of acres of greenery, rows of different species of trees sway together, and the cool breeze comes, makes you feel relaxed. Labeled as the ‘Destination of Joy’ Universal Groups has over residential villas, plots and cottages which are nothing short of Nature’s paradise.

There has never been a better time to invest in real estate in Vijayawada/Visakhapatnam, as India’s macroeconomic fundamentals strengthen Indian rupee, which is likely to appreciate against the dollar in the coming months.

Legal Information:Sale

Reserve Bank of India has permitted to foreign citizens of Indian origin to either purchase or sell a property. Wherever the property has purchased the funds towards the purchase consideration should be either remitted to India or paid out of balances in NRE/FCNR accounts.

Legal Information:Renting

Reserve Bank of India permits the NRIs to rent out any immovable residential/commercial property in India. The rental income or proceeds of any investment of such income are eligible for repatriation.

Legal Information:Finance

You can either pay through rupee-denominated NRO or NRE and FCNR accounts. Loans will be are available from any Indian bank within India or a branch of an Indian bank at your country of residence

Required Documents For Registration
  • 1. Passport
  • 2. Proof of Residence
  • 3. PAN card